Andrew Liuzzo to Make Announcement with Larry Sharpe Sunday

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Libertarian candidate for New York Governor, Larry Sharpe, will be joining Andrew Liuzzo, Jamestown City Councilman At Large and the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Mayor of Jamestown for a special announcement at Councilman Liuzzo’s campaign headquarters at 317 Pine Street in Jamestown on Sunday, September 22 at 8:30 a.m.

“In the 2018 election cycle, the Libertarian Party began a movement that continues to build,” says Sharpe, a Marine Corps veteran and New York native. “As the least free state in the United States, New York is the frontline of the battle to preserve our freedom and support our happiness, so I’m glad to see the growth in the Libertarian Party infrastructure and voter enrollments as more people learn about it. One of the best things about the Libertarian Party is that you don’t have to ‘convert’ to join it. You can be as liberal or as conservative as you want, as long as you aren’t trying to force other people to be like you.”

“It’s an honor to have Mr. Sharpe come here,” said Councilman Liuzzo, “The Libertarian Party is accepting of all individuals regardless of party. The values uphold transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility, with less government as our founding fathers had intended.”

“We are excited to have Larry Sharpe join us for this special announcement,” said Andrew Martin Kolstee, Chair of the Chautauqua County Libertarian Party. “Councilman Liuzzo’s campaign for mayor comes at a time when Jamestown is facing a serious need to change direction. The growth of the Libertarian Party shows that people are looking for a new direction in the country and especially in our communities, where government affects us on a daily basis.”

All are welcome join Councilman Liuzzo, Mr. Sharpe, and the Libertarian Party on Sunday. To learn more about Councilman Liuzzo’s campaign for mayor, follow the Facebook page at and check out and sign up for e-mails. Follow Larry Sharpe, Libertarian on Facebook or sign up for emails to continue the historic momentum built during that run for Governor, keep up with what’s next for the Libertarian Party in New York. To learn more about the Chautauqua County Libertarian Party, follow their Facebook page at and sign up for e-mails. You can also contact County Chair, Andrew Martin Kolstee, at or (716) 640-2089.



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